Quick prompt for a setting

Here is a writing prompt inspired by TC Boyle’s great novel, The Road to Wellville.

Start a description of a setting you want to use with the opening line, ‘It was a ______.’

It could be a desert, a shopping mall, a bathroom, a Boeing 747, wherever you want. Here’s how Boyle uses it.

It was a basement. Fieldstone and mortar, earthen floor, a smell like the cork in a bottle of wine gone bad on the shelf. There was a clutter of the usual junk – a sagging perambulator, rusted garden tools, a coal scuttle with a broken handle. The dirt was pulverized, grainy, ancient – dust – and the mummified corpse of a mouse lay in a drift of it in the center of the room, a pathetic wrinkle of naked hands and feet.

Flex those descriptive muscles.

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