Arbitrary, random, creative

I read a quote from Anthony Burgess recently where he described opening his dictionary at a random page and using the words he found there to build a scene. He said that scenes generated in this fashion had more than once ended up appearing in his novels. I’m going to try it… right now….

And on p.625 of my dictionary, between loq. and loud, I’ve found (amongst others):

  • lordosis – abnormal curvature of the spinal column, the convexity towards the front
  • lore – learning, esp. of a special, traditional, or out-of-the-way miscellaneous kind, as in folklore
  • lorgnette – eyeglasses with a handle
  • lorica – leather corslet
  • loath – reluctant, unwilling
  • lotus – an Egyptian or Indian waterlily
  • louche – squinting; ambitious, shady, shifty, disreputable

Time to start writing.

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