Nobody’s perfect

It is not long after noon on January 1st but I have already managed to read a three hundred page novel. Seems like the perfect start to the year. But the novel was terrible – despite being written by an author I totally admire! What it tells me, is that this writing thing is hard work. It really is. Even the best writers can slip up, fail to edit themselves enough and produce flat characters and pages of exposition.

In the book I’ve just finished one sister asks another sister, to whom she is extremely close, to “remind her” how they got to know another character in the story. It’s a hideously clunky way to transition into some back story that I’m not sure is even needed. So why wasn’t it edited?

But I don’t want to have any glum reflections about the state of publishing ruining New Year’s Day. Nine Mile Writers is about writing, after all. Not just talking about writing, but actually writing (oh and editing too!). So I’m going to turn this horrible construct into a challenge. Here’s the writing prompt:

Start a story with the opening piece of dialogue:

“Remind me….”

Take it where you will.

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