Good beginnings

Kat and I are getting geared up and ready for our new workshop – starting next Monday, January 23rd in Bryn Mawr. We’re very excited!

It has started me thinking about beginnings. We want to start well and capture the interest and enthusiasm of everyone participating – not unlike the way we want our stories to grab attention and engage our readers.

We plan to theme our workshop sessions & prompts around a different aspect of craft each week. First up – getting started. By which I mean considering what we choose to write about, looking at where ideas come from and where our individual interests and creative enthusiasm lies.

I’ve thought of the following prompt as a result. Its something anyone can try, using memory for the rich source it is.

Think of three objects – toys, books, furniture – three things you can remember from your own childhood. Recall them in detail and with all five senses. Now give those things to an unhappy child. Write a scene where this child is trying to hide or steal or destroy one of those objects. Your familiarity with the objects and experience of emotion (we’ve all been an unhappy child at some point or another!) will provide the small believable details that can make all the difference.

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