A recipe for memoir

I am currently reading Love, War and Ice Cream by the lovely Zoe and becoming thoroughly immersed in the two different family stories she unfolds. I’ve been particularly charmed by her use of photographs and recipes. It’s the recipes that inspire today’s prompt.

Have you ever been asked that rather silly question – If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Well this is like that…but think food. Think of someone you’d like to write about and quickly choose of a dish or a meal you associate with them. You could even make a list of family members and try and jot down a dish that spring to mind in each case.

Get started by writing up the recipe – ingredients, steps etc – but don’t feel constrained. Think about the implications of your choice. Or picture a scene involving that person preparing or eating that dish. If you were ever told not to play with your food, this is the moment to wholeheartedly disregard that advice.

For me this writing prompt inspires a story of a girl and her mother. Working title – Mince and Bean Pie for Four.

I’ve also decided to to watch the movie Toast tonight.  Here’s a picture of a scene of young Nige with Helena Bonham Carter and some pineapple.

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