Something for the weekend #6

I’m tempted not to write anything about this but, for the record, this photo is one of mine. This solitary foot is in Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. I have no idea why or where it came from.

In terms of writing, not knowing can be a good thing. There are so many ways to use this photograph for inspiration. There could be a wonderful story about how this foot got to Chatsworth… or about the body it was once attached to… or if you’ve never written about feet before (and I know I haven’t) this could be just the inspiration you were waiting for!

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6 Responses to Something for the weekend #6

  1. Marja McGraw says:

    LOL You made a good point, that almost anything can inspire a story. Short but good post.
    Marja McGraw

  2. toemailer says:

    We would love to post that at toemail if you do not mind?

  3. toemailer says:

    If you want, but we have enough as it is… Thanks! 🙂

  4. toemailer says:

    It’s posted now. Thanks so much, we really appreciate it!

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