Weathering the storm

So normally I blog a new writing prompt on Tuesdays, but of course we didn’t meet today as we wait for Sandy to hit. Not much to report so far although it has rained constantly and the wind is blowing. The lights have flickered a couple of times and the dogs are bored but so far that’s all. I think the kids have had a good day off school.

This photograph comes from the BBC news website and makes a great provoking illustration to a writing prompt about the weather. I’m typing it now before the electricity goes off.

Start a scene with the weather. Let the weather set the mood for the piece. Be multi-sensory.

Right now the rain is tapping at the windows and the house creaks and shifts with each new gust. The lights just dimmed and shivered back to life. I heard a branch scratch the window pane. There might be someone brooding in the shadows of an unlit room. It’s time to write.

Paper, pen and candlelight may be required!

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2 Responses to Weathering the storm

  1. This storm has been crazy. I’ve been lucky. No power outages, no floods, no fallen trees, etc. This WOULD be a good writing topic. Especially since I have all my resources šŸ™‚

  2. Glad you were lucky too! Last year we lost power for 3 days after Irene – this year, no problem. Phew.

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