10 prompts to make you write like crazy

I have missed a couple of weeks and prompts due to life and the Atlantic Ocean coming between Kat, Zoe and I (or should that be me?) and our weekly writing sessions.

But I’m back and we had a great time this week so here are 10 prompts that have worked for us that I’ve not previously had time to post about.

As ever the secret is to make the time, pick a prompt and write for at least twenty minutes. Don’t just think. Do it.

1. Shame

2. Roadkill

3. Rant about an injustice

4. The bottom (think symbolic here. My Christmas tree fell on me the other day. There I lay in my pyjamas, 42 years old, face down on the floor under the tree. It could have been worse. Think the worst).

5. He made me do it.

6. I can tell that they’ve taken…

7. The funeral chimes stop.

8. Conjure a ghost.

9. Describe an unusual room and put a stranger in it.

10. Birth

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