Writing prompt – The Rift

600px-BarbwireYesterday we started with a prompt to help plot a story. It’s a quick one: you name your character, give them a couple of traits, a setting and a problem. You think up three events and a possible solution. Although we were skeptical, this actually worked out okay.

Where things got interesting, though, is when we decided to develop those ideas and instead of writing about the story she’d outlined, Zoe was inspired by the decorator character I’d thought up to start a completely different piece. I hope I’m not spoiling anything if I say it involved decorating and barbed wire and that it was based on a real-life experience.

This brought us to discuss The Rift as a prompt. We all have them. Break-ups with friends, flat-mates, family and lovers. And the great thing about writing is that we don’t have to stick to the facts. Here’s the prompt.

Think about a rift or break-up you have personally experienced. Keep true to the emotion of the experience but change the characters and the setting. Write.

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