Monday prompts

exlibrisSomewhere in the house I still have this really cool game where you have to make up what you imagine is the first or last line of a given book. Everyone’s attempts are pooled (including the real one written by the person who drew the card which told you which book to do) and read out. Then everyone guesses which is the real first or last line. It’s fun.

I was reminded of this game by today’s prompts. All three link to opportunities to get the resulting work published. What could be better?

1. From Apokrupha:

Write about the end of the world. “Show us your moment from the end of the world. Show us the tragedy, the beauty, and, of course, the horror.” Stories of 500 words and under to be published in their anthology. $20 per story. Deadline is November 5th.

2. From The First Line:

For winter submission, this website is looking for stories with the opening line:

“I came of age in a time of no heroes.”

We also tried another of their openers this morning which was:

“I started collecting secrets when I was just six years old.”

Submissions by November 1st. Word count guide is 300-3000, payment is $30 per story.

3. From Mslexia:

Poetry or prose on the theme of Troubled Minds.

“Phobias, depressions, delusions, compulsions – whether you’ve iimagined or lived with mental illness, transform it with the alchemy of creativity into poems (up to four poems of up to 40 lines each) or stories (up to two stories of up to 2,200 words each).”

Due by December 2nd.

Happy writing!

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