Monday writing


Yay! We all got it together this morning, despite three year olds clinging to legs, mad dogs and the Comcast guy and we have been writing. Our prompts today were:

Who is on the bus…


The object of desire or hate


A place you used to live


A place you used to work


A place you have never been


Worst job/first job.

Try one…

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One Response to Monday writing

  1. trinitygrau says:

    A place I have never been:

    Montana. They say the skies are bluer than any. I don’t know, the California sky could probably contest. Maybe even win. They say it smells like pine and freedom. I don’t know, California can smell pretty good up in the mountains. They say the people are friendly and open. I don’t know, California might be beat there. Montana. The one place I’ll probably never see.

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