Abby Reed Meyer

Abby pic for 9 Mile Bio

Abby Reed Meyer was awarded the best of first grade writing prize for her tale of Native American life, Hopanda and Her Tribe (forgive her, she was only 6.) She continued writing stories into adulthood, with a career that brought her to Capitol Hill, a museum, and a large law firm. As a lawyer she used to write short stories on the back of contracts. Now she drafts novel revisions in parking lots if her children nap in their carseats. Her short story “Packer Ave.” will appear in Philadelphia Stories in Spring 2015. She has written for VIBE magazine and for WHYY Radio News in Philadelphia, and is at work on a novel called The Marathon. An excerpt from The Marathon won the 17th Writer’s Digest “Dear Lucky Agent” contest. She lives with her husband and two children in Philadelphia.

Follow her on twitter – @theabbyreed


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