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Giving the game away (nearly)

Forget that spoiler alert! Go on, do it! It’s time to give away the story! What? Give away the story? Or at least part of it? Am I being serious? Strangely yes. This week reading June by Miranda Beverley-Whittmore, I … Continue reading

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On finding the plot

If you’re like me and plot isn’t your thing, you may not know it yet, and unlikely as it may seem, you need The Plot Whisperer by Marsha Alderson. Amazon describes it as a “plotting system that’s as innovative as it … Continue reading

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Something for the weekend #7

I love this! I love the colour and the movement and its perfect clarity. For me this has everything I want from a story – drama, beauty, action, insight, tension and change. Another great image from photographer Jon Hill 🙂

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The six page rule

I was just avoiding doing something (the clue is in the picture ;-)) and came across this quote from Ken Follett. You can’t go longer than about six pages without a story turn, otherwise the reader will get bored. Although … Continue reading

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