Nine Mile Writing

We generally meet on Monday morning, for about three hours, sometimes sharing “littles,” our incremental successes with publication in magazines and blogs. Sometimes there’s a “biggie,” when an agent asks to read a full manuscript (congratulations to Kate!). A “hugie” would be to get signed up with a publishing house: that hasn’t happened yet but we’re confident that it will.

Mostly we meet to put our heads down and write until smoke pours out of our ears.  We try to write to three prompts every session, for twenty to forty minutes each. The remaining time we devote to reading and critiquing our work. In this section of the blog are some examples of our writing from the prompts. Many of the prompts inspire short stories, a few might offer a glimpse of a germ of a whole book, and others are just will o’ the wisps but fun at the time. Watch out for prompts being posted – usually on a Tuesday.

We hope you’ll take the time to read our writing and tell us what you think. If you try out one of our prompts and would like to share, we’d love to hear from you and maybe publish your writing on our site. See our Submission page for more information.

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