Love War and Ice Cream

by M.Z. Fairtlough, available to buy in paperback and kindle formats.

Iole slipped her shoes off at the door. “Marina, where are you?” she called. There was no sound in the flat apart from the drip-drip of the tap in the kitchen at the side. The only movement came from a yellowed wedge of patterned floor tiles, flickering as it pulled the timid light from the open window into the front room.

“Where are you, Meri? It’s almost nine,” she called again. On the dining table, she placed the stack of printed menus entitled Domingo, 2o de Abril, 1965.

She thought she heard a giggle from Marina’s room, but it could have been the coo roo c’too coo from a pigeon perched on the balcony. She tiptoed two steps and opened the door.

Love, War and Ice Cream paints a vivid portrait of two very different families, revealing their triumphs and tragedies, and the twists that ultimately bring them together.

Harry’s family members were overwhelmed by the enormous social changes that occurred after the Great War, and dismayed by the sudden disappearance of their way of life.
Marina’s people were resourceful, willing and able to work hard to better their lot. As war simmered, they emigrated from Italy to Spain, where they sold delicious ice cream.
Then Harry met Marina.

This engrossing saga blends the personal and the historical into an epic about love and duty, about family, and about growing up in different times. For more information about Zoe and her book, please visit


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